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What is Activate?

Activate is a weekly session for all Key Stage 3 students at The Rose School. It offers students a variety of activities both on and off-site. It is a popular day of the week with not only students but also staff! It is a day of non uniforms, picnic lunches and an emphasis on fun whilst experiencing various activities that may challenge students by pushing them out of their comfort zone or sometimes simply engaging them in an activity that they enjoy.

Why do we have Activate sessions?

The intention of Activate is to provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills they will find necessary in everyday life. This includes their time in school, future education and the workplace. It involves sessions in a more relaxed environment.

We concentrate on 6 areas of development:-


Team Work





All are skills we feel will benefit our students not only in school but in everyday life.


The students stay with their own form groups which enables them to interact with each other in many different environments. They travel to the locations together giving them time to chat, plan or simply listen to music together.

We focus on activities that will enhance the students learning in an informal setting. Activities include Burnley Youth Theatre, Forest School, Activate Investigate (visiting local places of interest Clitheroe Castle, Brockholes Nature Reserve etc.), Leisure Box, Art, DT, gardening and cooking.


The sessions we provide have shown us a different side to students which we wouldn’t necessarily see in the classroom. Students organise themselves before departing for their activity, they plan and prepare, making sure they have the correct equipment needed for the activity they are attending. This helps them with forward thinking and organisational skills. Students are encouraged to work in teams and are given different roles to play within those teams. This develops leadership, team work and empathy. These sessions have shown to improve concentration, determination, social skills, interaction with each other and adults from outside organisations and improve their confidence. At the end of each half term the students, although not formally graded, are assessed using our RAG scores giving them targets for future activities. This feedback is shared with students, parents and carers during parent carer events.


Burnley Youth Theatre- https://burnleyyouththeatre.org/

The Leisure Box- http://www.theleisurebox.org

Outdoors 4 All- http://www.outdoors4all.co.uk


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