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Admissions Arrangements

Policy Statement for The Handling of Admissions

All the pupils who attend The Rose School have an Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP), which will have been issued following a Statutory Assessment.

All pupils attending The Rose School should now have had their statements converted to an EHCP. All new requests for places at The Rose School are made through the EHCP Annual Review (or a new EHCP process), which recommends that a special school would be the best type of provision to meet the identified needs of that child or young person.

This agreement needs to be made in conjunction with the LA Special Educational Needs Designated Officer (SENDO), and based upon advice from their current school and other professionals such as an Educational Psychologist (EP).

Once this recommendation is indicated, any parent/carer of such a child or young person can arrange a Non-Prejudicial Visit (NPV) to view The Rose School via SENDIASS. This enables families to see first-hand what our school has to offer and if our setting is indeed best placed to meet the needs of their child.

If after the visit, parents/carers support the request for a place at The Rose School, the LA will be notified, and in turn will approach the school to formally request a place. Priority for school places is always given to those who live within the school’s local area. Where a child is to be admitted to the school the LA will inform both the school and their parents/carers, in writing of its decision.

Prior to admission, the LA and previous school will provide the school with any reports, assessments or other relevant documentation, relating to the child’s/young person’s needs.

Following the notification of placement, the Head teacher will write to the parents to:

· Notify them that a place has been offered,

· Organise transition days with the current school

· Arrange a home visit to complete Application Pack to Parents/Carers including a Parent’s Handbook,

· Notify them of the planned admission date.

Transition visits will be subsequently arranged, to ensure as comfortable and smooth transfer as possible, from the child’s/ young person’s current provision to The Rose School.

For the new year 7 intake a program of at least two transition afternoons is organised along with a morning, afternoon and evening opportunity for parents to come and meet staff at the school.

All pupils who start at The Rose School have baseline assessments undertaken within the first term, which are used to plan individual programmes for pupils so that their

needs can be met. These include cognitive, physical, sensory, social, emotional and behavioural targets (as appropriate).

The Rose School works hard to develop close relationships with all parents/carers through our Home-School visits, regular direct contact or via the school family liaison officer. Our school also holds two Parents’ Evenings each academic year, one in the Autumn Term and the other in the Summer Term. This is an opportunity for families to celebrate their child’s progress and achievements, look at their work and have opportunity to ask questions, discuss issues and share additional information with their child’s class team.


Sept 2021