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The Humanities department at The Rose School comprises Geography, History, Religious Education, PSHE and Citizenship. It is coordinated by Mrs A. Moran. 

At KS3, the curriculum is delivered as a carousel, comprising half-termly topics chosen from the Geography, History and Religious Education studies. 

PSHE and Citizenship are taught for one period every week as a combined curriculum. 

Flourish- today and tomorrow 

The subjects delivered within the Humanities curricula form a body of knowledge that gives students the opportunity to understand the world around them from many different perspectives. They are given opportunities to learn about how the Earth has been shaped by natural forces and by the people living on it. They find out about key times in the past that have an influence on the way we live today. They explore the diverse beliefs of religious groups to find out how they affect their daily lives, and, in turn, how this might affect them and their attitudes personally. British Values are integrated throughout the lessons, as well as being taught more discreetly.  

Unearth Potential 

Alongside this pupils are given the chance to build personal competencies in teamwork, leadership and communication skills to name a few. To discover their strengths, whether that be in debates we have, the art/ model work completed to accompany some of the units or in written work.  





Year 1 

Gg: Fantastic places (incl mapskills) 

Hist: Medieval Realms –  

From the vikings to the Battle of the Roses 

Gg: Weather, rivers and flooding 

RE: World Religions 

RE: The island 

Year 2 

Hist: English civil war 

Natural disasters – earthquakes (volcanoes) 

Hist: WWI 


RE: Human rights 

Gg: Settlements – urban opportunities and challenges 

Year 3 

Climate and ecosystems – TRF 

Development Geography – India 

Hist: Holocaust 

RE: Life after death 

Hist: WWII 

RE and Geog: Global Issues 


Pupils in KS3 and 4  are given the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom completing fieldwork and map skills practice at different times of the year, for example studying rivers and flooding and a local regeneration study. Trips have also been taken to Leeds Royal Armouries to learn more about the English Civil war, St Matthews Street Church to learn about Christian Rites of Passage, Clitheroe Castle to learn about the Norman Conquest and the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail to learn about waterfall formation.  

 At Key Stage 4, all students follow courses in a range of subjects. The level of the examination is determined by their ability. Courses offered at present are: AQA PSE (EL or L1),  BTec Travel and tourism (EL3 and L1), OCR Entry Level Geography and AQA short course and entry level  RE (being introduced in 2020). The Humanities Department also work alongside the PE department to deliver the Prince’s Trust Award. 

A variety of teaching methods are employed to engage the students and make their learning relevant and fun.  

Links to exam boards: 

Year 10 

BTec Travel and Tourism El3, L1 


AQA PSE EL2, EL3 and Level 1  


AQA Short Course RE  


Year 11 

OCR Entry level Geography 


AQA PSE EL2, EL3 and Level 1  


PSHE Policy 

RSE 2020