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Subject Leader – Mr A Cameron

Teaching Assistant – Miss J Brown

Mathematics is undoubtedly the most interesting subject pupils will experience. Many people perceive maths to be a set of rules and procedures to learn and apply. We actually believe it to be more about understanding patterns, relationships and exploring connections.

We believe that all pupils have the potential to enjoy and even love maths. With good teaching coupled with a sensitive and inquisitive approach to understanding their journey so far, we can move all pupils on in their confidence with and their love of maths.

To set out our beliefs in how maths is best taught and understood; we begin each year with a week of inspirational maths – a chance to affirm a positive approach and mind-set, such as the belief that mistakes are vital to our learning, and an opportunity to tackle interesting open-ended activities. It is Jo Boaler from Stanford University that provides us with these resources, feel free to follow the link and see for yourself.



We believe that all students should have their learning recognised with a qualification in maths. The exam board that we prefer to use is AQA. We decide the exact qualification in year 11, this decision is made on an individual basis and will be discussed with you at the year 11 parents evening to ensure that everybody happy with the decision. Flexibility with this decision remains until the final entries are made after Christmas each year. If you are worried or curious about which qualification your child is set to achieve, then please contact me. Please see the link below for the available qualifications.



The organisation of the curriculum is also as flexible as possible. We have a pathways model so that a journey to qualification and an idea of each pupil’s options post-16 are considered and progress is tracked accordingly. Please read the attached documents and contact me with any questions.

Our scheme of learning is based on one sourced from Kangaroo Maths – this means that we have the scope to support students no matter what they had attained in primary school as well as being able to push them up to the highest level. As is usual in maths curricula, topics will be recovered and revisited providing plenty of chances to increase the depth of learning and address any misconceptions. Timings are flexible for each class to ensure that concepts are explored as thoroughly as possible rather than rushing through content at an inappropriate pace.



We take advantage of having small class sizes to monitor the learning throughout each lesson. We provide feedback continually and plan the next lessons according to this formative assessment. For most topics, pupils will also sit a summative assessment this helps us decide what re-teaching may be needed. We record each pupil success with each objective to assist with the planning of the curriculum year on year.

For each stage in the curriculum we assess pupils understanding of thirteen key indicators. Please see the linked document if you wish to support the learning at home.

We ensure that our pedagogy is up to date with the best of national and international thinking. We firmly believe that pupils understanding is supported best with the use of manipulatives, and pictorial representations before introducing and sense of the abstract. If you would like further reading on this, please refer to the report link.


Some of the manipulatives that we are currently implementing our use of are Numicon and Cuisenairre Rods.


Along with varied resources designed in-house, we use the best free and published resources that we can find. Alongside this all pupils have a www.mangahigh.com login which can also be used at home if you wish to work together.

If you are curious about helping your child best at home, then please do call Mr Cameron to discuss. The best way to begin is to ensure that you ask questions about their maths learning and show an interest and curiosity about what they have learned in each lesson. Most importantly, make sure that maths is talked about positively and definitely don’t say something like “I hated maths myself at school”.

A lot of pupils are held back by poor confidence in their recall of times-tables, so any support with this is also appreciated.

We agree with the messages on the website http://www.familymathstoolkit.org.uk/ and hope that it gives you confidence that there are small things that you can do to assist us in your child’s maths education.






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