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Mathematics is undoubtedly one of the most interesting subjects pupils will experience. Some
people perceive maths to be a set of rules and procedures to learn and apply however here at
The Rose School we believe it to be more about understanding patterns, relationships and
exploring connections.


We believe that all pupils have the potential to enjoy and even love maths. With good teaching
coupled with a sensitive and inquisitive approach to understanding their journey so far, we can
move all pupils on in their confidence with and their love of maths.
We want pupils to acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the
subject. In order to do this, our pupils will be taught to: rapidly and accurately recall and apply
facts and concepts; develop a growing confidence to reason mathematically; and develop the
ability to apply maths to solve problems.
We believe that all good Mathematicians refine and edit their work, so we want our pupils to
respond appropriately to feedback provided by staff and develop independence in being able to
identify their own areas for improvement.

We do not put ceilings on what pupils can achieve in Mathematics and we do not hold pre-
conceptions about any pupils’ ability to make progress.

Mathematics develops independence and decision-making skills which are integrated through the whole curriculum. We teach Mathematics and numeracy at the Rose School at a level that is appropriate to the learning styles, needs and motivation of each pupil.
The Mathematics curriculum is focused upon all students achieving their full potential by the time they leave The Rose School. Within Key stage 3 we look to identify areas require development and prepare the students for Key Stage 4 through building fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Within KS 4 students commence upon the chosen assessment pathway as we look to ensure that students grow in confidence and are able to fulfil their potential.



● Pupils confidence, enjoyment and love of Mathematics will be improved over the course of
their education

● Pupils of all abilities will be able to succeed in all Mathematics lessons because work will
be appropriately scaffolded
● All students leave numerate in Mathematics that is essential for life

● All pupils will have their learning recognised with a qualification in Mathematics through
either a GCSE, Functional Skills or Entry Level Certificate qualification

Qualification Pathways

At The Rose School, we believe that all students should have their learning recognised with a
qualification in Mathematics. We offer a broad range of qualifications to ensure each student is
fully equipped for the next step of their educational journey. After accessing career guidance
and open evenings within school, our students can identify the career paths they wish to take
and can complete the qualifications required to follow their chosen career paths. These
qualifications may include Entry Level Certification, Functional Skills Levels 1 and 2 and GCSE

Entry Level Certificates

Entry Level Certificates are nationally recognised qualifications that give students the
opportunity to achieve a certified award. The assessments are designed to inspire and motivate
students, providing an appropriate stretch and challenge whilst ensuring that the assessment
and content are accessible to Entry Level students. Entry Level students will develop the skills
to become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics, reason mathematically and solve
problems by applying their Mathematics to a variety of routing problems.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills

Functional Skills Mathematics qualifications are designed to give learners the skills to operate
confidently, effectively and independently in education, work and everyday life. The aims of
these qualifications are to develop learner understanding and skills in selecting, analysing,
interpreting and communicating information.

The GCSE Mathematics examination is provided by AQA, this qualification is designed to enable
students to engage with, explore, enjoy and succeed in maths. The subject content is organised
into broad topic areas: Number, Algebra, Ratio and proportion, Geometry and measures,
Probability and Statistics. This specification is designed to be taken over two years with all
assessments, three examinations, taken at the end of the course.




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