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Mathematics provides a dual purpose for pupils. It is both a tool for solving problems in a wide range of contexts and a discipline with a rigorous structure. The new national curriculum recognises the pupil’s need for opportunities to learn about the mathematical processes and to reflect on how they are improving these skills.

The pupils also need opportunities to learn through using the mathematical processes and once they gain confidence in this way, they can then develop understanding of the topics covered in the curriculum.

The aim is for pupils to use existing mathematical knowledge to investigate or create solutions to unfamiliar problems and thus come to see that mathematics is an interesting and enjoyable activity. This will then promote an effective application of mathematical skills in their wider studies and ultimately in employment.

Based on good lesson design and a well thought out teaching repertoire, The Rose School hopes to create good conditions for learning and thus create effective learners.


Pupils arrive at The Rose School with their KS2 SATs results. All pupils sit Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) from which their KS3 targets and GCSE Grades are predicted. Pupils then work at their individual level through the different areas of Mathematics: Arithmetic; Number, Ratio & Algebra; and Geometry, Measures & Statistics.


All pupils complete the AQA Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics which is a good basis to start AQA GCSE Mathematics at either Foundation or Higher Level. Some Year 10 pupils do have the opportunity to take their GCSE examination a year early.

At present pupils sit 2 papers, Paper 1  1 hr 15 mins (non-calculator) and Paper 2 (calculator) 1 hr 45 mins.

The Examination in 2017 will change to 3 papers 1 hour 30 mins each, Paper 1 (non-calculator) Paper 2 (calculator) Paper 3 (calculator).

Accelerated Learning Programme

All pupils take a Star Maths diagnostic test, to see which library they need to work in, at the start of every term. Objectives are set to cover the topics studied each half term (Arithmetic, Number, Ratio, Algebra, Geometry, Measures & Statistics)


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