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It is our aim that all students in The Rose School will take part in reading sessions each week.  All year 7 students will be provided with an individual reading book and will be expected to work through the reading scheme at a level selected for them based on their reading age.  Year 8 and 9 students will be expected to continue with the reading from the previous year.  KS4 students will engage in reading around current interests and topical issues. 


  • To inspire students to read for pleasure.  
  • To make all students aware of the importance of reading and the positive and negative impact it can have for them in later life.
  • To teach reading through topics that engage students, especially reluctant students in KS4.
  • To inspire our students to become lifelong readers.


Each student will have a timetabled reading slot with myself and their TA each week.  During this time whole class reading sessions will be delivered.  Reading sessions include  discussions around topical issues, reading and comprehensions, debates and discussing the impact punctuation has on a piece of writing.  Students will pay attention to grammar and punctuation and in turn make corrections in a piece they have read.  Year 7 students will have an individual reading book and consolidation worksheets relating to the book they read.


It is hoped that all students will improve their reading age each academic year and will leave The Rose School feeling confident in their ability to read at a level they are comfortable with.  They will feel more confident to engage in their learning and will experience success along the way.